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Pass Me By- R5


"I never spoke up, I never said hello but I keep trying to find a way to meet you"

Michael Clifford? Of course you knew who he was like, who didn’t know? At least all your friends did. They all knew about 5SOS. The band wasn’t famous yet but they sure as hell were good. You secretely loved them so much and listened to their songs but since they were a band from your city, more or less of your age and not even famous it would be weird to fangirl over them. You were working in a bar so you could pay your career. You sighed when a rude girl who was just having a drink there left.

"I hate this job" you said to yourself.

"Are you sure they’re gonna let us play here?" you looked up to see Luke Hemmings standing there. He hadn’t even seen you yet. Fuck. And Michael was behind him. You weren’t sure about what to do or say. Then Ashton and Calum came in looking around the bar. You honestly didn’t know what they were doing there, it was a shitty place, but you didn’t care. The point was that they were there. 

"You should ask her, I guess" Ashton suddenly pointed at you. You smiled awkwardly. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Can I help you, guys?" Ashton smiled and walked to you. 

"Do you think we could play here?" He asked still smiling. He was so nice. The other guys were behind him staring at you.

"Uhm, idk, I should talk to my boss, but I think he won’t care. Hold on a minute" you smiled and you went to find your boss to tell him everything. He went to talk to them and told them they could play there. They’d play in your bar a month later and your boss told them to use the place for do the rehearsals if they needed to and since then the boys were almost always there. You usually didn’t talk to them if they didn’t talk first or ask you something.

The day arrived and you were kind of sad because you knew you probably wouldn’t see them again. Before the concert Mike came to you and smiled. 

"I wanted to do something special to talk to you but nothing came up to my mind so, uhm, hi, I’m Michael"

You giggled.

"I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet ya again"

He smiled sweetly. 

"Can I have your phone?"


"I was chilling you were with him hooked up by the fire, now he’s long gone, I’m like solo, now I got my chance"

Luke was your best friend since you could remember but he secretely had a crush on you, a fact you never knew. 

One day your friends and you were to a party and it was in the middle of a forest, it was kinda scary because you saw plenty of horror films and this things never ended up good but it was okay because your boyfriend’s house was near.

You were all around the fire singing songs and laughing, speaking and so, you were hugging your boyfriend and you were wearing his jacket. You noticed the only one who wasn’t talking was Luke. He was laughing but he looked so distant, when he noticed you were staring at him he smiled, but the smile didn’t meet his eyes and then he looked away. You sighed, but you knew if you asked him in front of everybody it probably would bother him so you decided to shut up. During the night you all fell asleep, but you got up earlier than anyone. Your boyfriend was sleeping and he wasn’t holding you anymore. His phone had dropped off his pocket and when you took it it received a message. It was from a girl and you didn’t know who she was. You were about to leave it in your boyfriend’s pocket when it vibrated again. You couldn’t help but read it. The girl was telling your boyfriend to meet her today again, and he replied just before falling asleep that he would after leaving you home and he said you were kinda annoying because he didn’t know how to do it so you left him alone. The truth hit you and you couldn’t hold your tears anymore when you finished reading all that shit. You started running away, you left your boyfriend’s jacket at his house and you started walking home, you didn’t even care if it was an hour or two far away, you just wanted to go. 

The first weeks you didn’t want to see anybody, but then you started feeling good again. Luke was at your house watching films and laughing and he suddenly looked at you.

"What are you staring, Lucas?" 


And then he kissed you.

"I’ve been staring at you since forever and you never see"


"All them other girls said they had enough, you can be the one that’ll take me"

You’ve been kind of dating Ashton for a month now but it wasn’t official. You were going to his home but nobody seemed to be there. Anyway, you had a key and you got in because it was freezing outside and you didn’t want to die there. You left your jacket and everything and went to Ash’s room to wait for him there. It surprised you to see him there, curled up on the bed, not even moving.

"Ash?"  you whispered, loud enough so he could hear you. "babe" you said, more clearly this time.

"Hm" he groaned and you sat down next to him, rubbing his back.

"Is there something wrong?" you asked again. You made him face you, his eyes were red from crying and his face was still wet. 

"You’ll get tired of me" he whispered, you could barely hear him. 

"What are you talking about?" you laid down next to him looking into his eyes. He looked so broken it was torturing you.

"It always happens, they stick with me for some months and then they go away. They get tired and they don’t talk to me again. And you’re special and I couldn’t take it if you did the same…"

You kissed him and looked into his eyes.

"I will never leave you, I can’t leave you, I will take you, in the good and the bad days and I promise I won’t let you think about this anymore"

He smiled after you told him that.



And then he hugged you so tight, never wanting to let you go. 


"I can be yours and you can be mine, I can’t let you pass me by"

Calum was always trying to talk to you, but you just wouldn’t talk to him back. You knew what people said about him. “He’s a heartbreaker” “he likes to play around” and you just couldn’t deal with boys like that. But it was weird because he had been trying to get to you for months and your friends said he never did something like that. Still you didn’t want to know him. 

It was late at night and you were with your friends at your house when there was a knock in the door. They looked at you.

"We’re in your house and you need to protect us" they said. You groaned and got up.

"I hate you with my life" you mumbled. You opened slowly the door and you were surprised to find Calum there. 

"Stop ignoring me" he said. 

"You’re so fucking drunk, go away" you were about to close the door but he didn’t let you.

"I said stop. I want to get to know you and I’m not leaving you alone"

"Calum, for godness sake, please, go, my parents are sleeping and you will wake them up" you pleased him. 

"If you don’t go on a date with me I’ll start yelling"

"I said go away, Cal…"


"SHUT UP STOP IT" you covered his mouth with your hand and he started laughing. "fine, okay, but  shut up and go to your house"


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